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Acme Theatre Company is a youth-led theatre group run for and by young people in ninth to twelfth grade,  based in Davis, CA.  Our mission is to present plays of excellent literary and artistic quality, while providing opportunities for young people to learn acting, technical theatre, and leadership skills through peer and adult mentorship, in an environment of mutual trust, respect, and responsibility. 


  • Youth Leadership: Acme is a youth-run space.  We, Acme’s youth members, accomplish all of Acme’s theatrical operations. Our youth leaders pass down knowledge to younger company members.  

  • Learning: We learn by doing. We embrace that our learning may be messy.  We challenge ourselves, and each other, to risk, fail, and try again. We offer classes to elementary and middle school youth to help them learn theatre skills and develop a life-long love of theatre.

  • Community: We seek to build a strong , respectful, and caring community where different work styles, personalities, and levels of experience are welcome.  Membership in Acme is absolutely free.

  • Art That Creates Change: We commit to the ongoing production of work that engages our community in nuanced conversations about defending human rights, exploring the problems in our society, and moving people into positive action. 

  • Dismantling Oppression: In our work together, we aim to dismantle racism and build racial justice.  We work to recognize and dismantle all forms of oppression including homophobia, transphobia, sexism and ableism.

  • Independence: We maintain rigorous independence from any other organization or institution while maintaining positive relationships with the City of Davis, the Davis Joint Unified School District, and other local theatre companies and arts organizations.

  • Excellence: We bring the best version of ourselves to the company, and work together towards our personal and collective “acme” - the point of utmost attainment. We hold ourselves responsible to the company as a whole, and work together to maintain high artistic, professional, and personal standards.

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