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The Acme Council of Executives (or ACE) are the elected leaders of the company who specialize and create each aspect of a production. Any current company member can be part of ACE. If you are a company member who would like to join ACE’s distinguished ranks, feel free to ask an ACE member for more info. 

The council roster for the 2023-2024 season is as follows:

EDEN MCCOY - Stage Manager 

CORAL WITTENBURG - Apprentice Stage Manager

stagemanager @

EVAN LANCET -  Sound Designer

MADS WAGGONER - Sound Apprentice

sound @

JUNA BROTHERS - Publicity Director

NICO NOVICK - Publicity Apprentice

media @

CAM ENGSTROM -  Front-of-House Manager

DESMOND BEACH - Front-of-House Apprentice

tickets @

TESSA CLIFTON - Set Designer

ROBIN MCNEIL - Set Apprentice

set @

MARION DELARUE - Costume Designer

costumes @

KYLE BLEWETT - Lighting Designer

SAGE MCCARTHY - Lighting Design Apprentice

lights @

CHARLIE MELLEMA - Properties Manager

SLADE JACOBS - Properties Apprentice

properties @

ALISA CLAYTON - Education Program Coordinator

NICO NOVICK - Education Program Apprentice

education @

ELLA DEL FAVERO - Web & Social Media Director

NICO NOVICK - Web & Social Media Apprentice

web @

DJANGO NACHMANOFF - Member-at-Large 

leadership @

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