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Acme was founded in 1980 by Davis High School English teacher, Dave Burmester, and a group of eager teenagers. 

The company’s first production Bare Stage/Blue Jeans was a simple performance of a series of one-acts on a bare stage. Two years later, the company put on the first ¨Free Comedy in the Park¨ and it has since become an annual tradition. The very next summer, Acme members began teaching summer drama classes for elementary and junior high school students in which the company members passed on their expertise to younger children.


In 2005, with Dave called together the Invisible Council of Elders (ICE) to discuss the company’s future.


In 2008, Dave and Libby Burmester stepped down from their respective roles of Artistic and Managing Director, and ICE became the elected non-profit board for the company. 

Since 2008, Acme alumna Emily Henderson has served as the company's Artistic Director.


Bare Stage/Blue Jeans, Acme Theatre Company
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