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Acme Theatre Company is a youth-run, non-profit theatre company. The members and leaders of the company are all high school students.

Acme produces three main-stage shows each year - a small dramatic piece in January, a free Comedy-in-the-Park over Memorial Day Weekend in May, and a large-cast summer production in which everyone gets cast.

Acme is led by a team of youth  - the Acme Council of Executives (ACE) - who are elected by their peers each year to run the company and manage all theatrical operations including creating the sets, costumes, props, sound, lights, publicity, and website.  All company members are encouraged to excel in both performance and technical production.  

Acme shows are directed by adult mentors and the company's Invisible Council of Elders, is the nonprofit board comprised of alumni, parents, fans and current company members, who set policy and assume legal and financial responsibility for Acme Theatre Company.

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