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 Thank you to the 142 day-of donors and 31 matching funders

who together raised $22,624 to help launch Acme's return to live theatre!



Along the journey, we unlocked Acme Adventures -

a series of videos created by Acme members that excavated Acme's present and past!

Thank you to our heroic BDOG 2021 donors!

Grace Aasen        
Jennifer Abbanat        
Karin  Bailey        
Billy Baria        
Roy Benson        
Alexander Hedrick        

Wrye & RG Boire      

 Dick and Carol Bourne        
Benjamin Bourne        
Elisabeth  Bourne        
Janice Bower, In Honor Of Sophia Nachmanoff
Ingrid Brust-Mascher & Jesus De Loera        
Judianne Chew        
Kat Conley        
Alex Cooke        
Jan Corlett        
Ann and Fred Costello        
Kelly Crosby        
Julie Cross        
Anna D'Ambrosio        
Ellen Dean & Tom Starbuck        
Kelly and Brendan Del Favero        
Jennifer Diaz        
Glenda & Jesse Drew        
Maureen Driscoll        
Delaine Eastin        
Tiffany and Mark Eschbach        
Patricia Fhyrie        
Clint Fleener        
Neal & Marguerite Fleming        
Robin Frank         
Lucas and Stacie Frerichs        
Leanne Friedman        
Kelly Fritsch        
Elizabeth Fulmer, In Memory Of Dave & Phoebe Fulmer
Nick Gallaudet        
Bobbie Garcia, In Honor Of Zoë Garcia who has been the joy of our life. 
Gigi Wongelsrud        
Shelly Gilbride        
Deirdre A Goodfriend        
Christine Granger        
Chris Granger & John Johnston        
Ann + Charles Halsted        
Sue Hansen, In Honor Of Shelley McFarland
Nicole Hebert        
Adrienne Heinig        
Jennifer Henderson        
Emily Henderson        
Linda Hendricks        
Lynn Hendrix-Chupa, In Honor Of Morgan Hendrix-Chupa 
Lynn Hendrix-Chupa        
LuAnn Higgs, In Honor Of Kate Hutchinson and Harold Davis
Alan Hirsch & Vera Sandronsky        
Holly Hopkins        
Suzanne Houlton        
Gerald Igelsrud        
Alan Jackman        
Robert Johnson        
Jason Joo        
Cheri Kannarr        
Lizabeth King        
Alex Kravitz        
Mr. and Mrs Richard Kulmann        
Autumn Labbe-Renault, In Honor Of Ms. Emily Henderson
Fiona Lakeland        
Zachary Leuchars        
Janette & Richard Levenson        
Mary Lou Linvill        
Kim Longworth        
Charlotte Lucero        
Alina Lusebrink        
Melissa  Lyans and Andreas Albrecht, In Honor Of Squire Sullen (aka Geoffrey Albrecht)
Roderick L Macdonald, In Honor Of Lucas Macdonald, Gene Wong and the next generation, Eric MacWong
Mikaela Manzano        
Renay Marquez        
Richard & Anya McCann        
Kate McFarland        
Shelley & Jim McFarland        
Catherine McGuire and Michael Smith        
William Mead        
Dorothy Meehan        
Julia Menard-Warwick        
Ro and Sarah Melo        
The Miller Family        
Susan Miller        
Christopher Monheit, In Memory Of Michelle Monheit. She's not dead, she's just kicking it up in Oregon. Props to her for her success.
Elisabeth Morray, In Honor Of Isabelle Williams' 14th birthday - and the amazing talents of her "big" cousin, Emily Henderson! 
Jen and Dave Nachmanoff        
Lisa Nelson        
Kristen Nichols        
Brian Oglesby        
Nora Oldwin, In Memory Of Wilma Solomon, my grandmother: feminist writer, avowed communist, and Blacklist sufferer. 
Valerie Olson        
Madeline Olwert        
Gloria  Partida        
Kim Pelz        
JoAnn Pelz        
Jeff & Karin Pelz        
Gretchen Peralta        
Jeff and Christine Pinnow        
Gavin Pinnow        
Maria Ramirez-Oglesby        
Bev Ransom        
Wayne Raymond, In Memory Of Donna L. Raymond
Lee Ann D'Amato, In Memory Of Donna L. Raymond
Hope Raymond        
Betsy Lynn Raymond        
Kate A Raymond, In Honor Of Current and past ACE and ICE members - thanks for giving so MUCH!
Betsy Raymond        
Lee W Riggs        
Bill & Nancy Roe        
Lynn Rolston        
Hali Rowen & Andy Bale         
Maddy Ryen        
Valerie Salley        
Kate Saylor, In Memory Of Acme and DHS theater member Qasim Shah 
Steven Schmidt        
Jeanette Schulz, In Honor Of The wonderful young people who entertain us through hard work, joy, and fun.
Robert Shulz        
Yael Sherman        
Jenn and Steve Short, In Honor Of Ian Bourne
Amy and Eric Shuman        
Allegra Silberstein        
Mark Simon        
Tina Simpson        
David Simpson        
Delany and Ben Steele         
Laurie E. Stillman        
Rebecca Stoddard        
David Stoebel        
Marla Stuart        
Margo Surovikbohnert        
Walter Sykes, In Memory Of Paul Sykes
Chris and Betsy Taloff        
Judy Taxara        
Stewart and Ann Teal, In Honor of David Burmester, with thanks for his Vision.
Martha Teeter, In Honor Of LaGrange Children's Theater
Sara & Aron Tillema        
Tracy Tomasky        
Pamela Trokanski        
May Turner, In Honor Of Grey Turner
Kim Turner            
Ann-Catrin Van        
Josh van Eyken        
Phil van Hest, In Honor Of Battlecat
Lisette van Vliet
Lisa Voelker        
Jerry Wang        
Martha West        
Lindsay Weston        
Robin Wiener        
Danielle Wogulis        
Greg Wolfe and Julie Hochman         
Bonnie Wolstoncroft        
Kent Bradford & Barbara Zadra        
Timothy Zindel