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Saturday July 25

7:00pm PST


This urban legend takes place in a small town in Ohio during one hot, sticky August summer. The local teenagers run wild until one of their group, Jamie McGraw, is killed by a reckless driver. His sister, Charlotte, stopped speaking when her twin brother died and there's reason to believe she may have gained a powerful gift from his dying kiss. Join us for a summertime ghost story about a lonely girl with a lethal skill.

Due to copyright requirements, all audience members are required to register for our show. Please RSVP for access to the live streaming room using the link down below. We hope you enjoy the show!
The RSVP form will still be available during the show, so if you would like to join us past opening we'd be more than happy to welcome another audience member!

About the Director
Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 1.34.53 AM.png

Ed Gonzalez Moreno


Ed Gonzalez Moreno is first generation Boricua (Puerto Rican) Actor, Playwright, and Director. For the past 6 years he has had the privilege of having extensive work as an Actor On Stage and On Camera. His most recent stage work was with Aurora Theatre Company in Exit Strategy as Luce. You can currently catch him on Netflix in Freshman Year as Hector. Other Stage credits include: Colossal at San Francisco Playhouse, Timon of Athens at CuttingBall Theatre, Warplay at NCTC, A Midsummer Night’s Dream at SF Shakespeare Festival, and Visible from Four States with Magic Theatre.

Keep an eye out for him later this summer in newest season of To Tell The Truth on ABC


We’ve all heard an urban legend or two. We hear about tales of loss, grief, small town drama, and supernatural events. These legends help us understand the interconnectedness of our world and the invisible world to provide a sense of healing to communities and individuals. In my hometown of New Britain, Connecticut stories were passed down in a giant game of telephone to serve as lessons and warnings to keep kids out of trouble and provided as more compasses of a sort. An urban legend is defined as, “a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.”

In our play the line between urban legend and truth are blurred by the narrator just like in real life, and it becomes the audiences job to uncover the truth and lessons that are being shared.

In K of D we are introduced to the Urban Legend of Charlotte McGraw by different characters starting with the character “Girl.” The urban legend of Charlotte McGraw is about the aftermath that followed the death of Charlotte’s brother Jamie. Like a giant game of telephone we hear the same story multiple times by different witnesses providing multiple perspectives by: Quisp, Becky Ray Voss, Steffi, Brett, and Trent. Along with Charlotte they begin to unfold and process the events that followed his death.

We encourage you to reflect on all the urban legends you have ever heard, however horrific or hilarious. Begin to question what is truth and what has been distorted over time. And when you think on urban legends that are haunting, consider the reality in which the urban legend was born out of. For us, K of D sent a more powerful chill up our spine.

-Ed Gonzalez-Moreno

The Okra Project


The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever we can reach them.  Based on individual donations, The Okra Project pays Black Trans chefs to go into the homes of Black Trans people to cook them a healthy and home-cooked meal at absolutely no cost to our Black TGNC siblings. For those Black Trans folks currently experiencing homeless or whose homes cannot support our chef’s cooking, The Okra Project has partnered with institutions like Osborne Association and other community spaces to deliver foods. (Due to Covid-19, they are modifying their services)

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Sam Cubbage

The Girl

Sam is a recently graduated senior who was homeschooled by their amazing mother. You may have recently seen them in Dear Harvey as Nicole Murray-Ramirez, The Importance Of Being Earnest as Algernon, playing Ben in The Burials, or the wonderful Cherry in Beaux Stratagem. Sam started their theater journey at the age of 9 performing in musicals. Three years ago this summer, Sam joined Acme as their master stage manager and has loved every moment since! They would like to thank Emily for this amazing experience to perform even in the strangest of circumstances. They invite you to pull up a chair, grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy this wonderful zoom theater experience. Enjoy the show!


Juna Brothers

Steffi Post, Jack Whistler

Juna Brothers (she/her) is a freshman at Holmes Junior High School. She is excited to be in her third Acme show acting as Steffi Post and Jack Whistler. Her other roles include Much Ado About Nothing (Connie Conrade) and Dear Harvey (Anne Kronenberg). Besides acting, Juna enjoys playing the cello, eating things, petting dogs and worshiping Cristina Yang. She would like to thank everyone at Acme for being so welcoming, especially Mattias RowenBale for introducing her to the company and sending her pictures of his adorable dog Buttercup.


Sawyer Spann

Mr. McGraw

Sawyer (he/him) is an incoming sophomore at Davis Senior High. He joined ACME in the summer of 2019 and has been helping out around the company ever since. This past February, he was elected to ACE as ACME’s Front of House apprentice and is super eager to succeed his amazing mentor, Gray Blair. Some past production’s that he’s been in consists of High School Musical (Stagemanagement), The Importance of Being Earnest (Lady Bracknell), The Tavern Under Anfeliadd (Classified), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Captain Scott). Since being in quarantine, he’s picked up some new skills and have found some fun new things to do. Some of which consist of skateboarding, digital painting, and building stuff (including a desk, wow!!). He hopes you enjoy today's performance of The K of D!


Morgan Hendrix-Chupa

Trent Hoffman

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa (she/her) is a rising junior at Davis High School and is glad to be joining Acme again for her ninth show with the company! Morgan started acting in the summer of 2017, and so far has been in multiple plays. Her favorite roles she has played are Jules and Mother Baker (Twelve Huntsmen), Mr. Gloss (Beaux Stratagem), Mortimer Mortimer (Failure: A Love Story), Sophie Martin (The Burials), and Miss Scarlet (Clue: On Stage). In this show, she will be playing the sunkissed adventurer Beatrix! While she is in quarantine, Morgan likes to knit, go on hikes and collect shiny things, make and eat delicious food, and appreciate the color pink to its fullest extent. She would like to thank the cast and crew of The K of D for telling a beautiful story with her. She hopes you enjoy the show!

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Mattias RowenBale

Quisp Drucker

Mattias RowenBale (he/him) will be going into 10th grade at DHS (hopefully-maybe it'll just be in his room?) at the end of this summer. This is his third Acme show as an actor and also his third Acme show with stage management. Tonight he will be playing Quisp Drucker. Despite the lack of a physical stage, he is also stage managing this show! He is Acme’s Stage Manager apprentice, and has most recently played Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing and various characters in The Importance Of Being Ernest. When he is not acting or reading copious amounts of potential scripts, Mattias can be found juggling or performing on aerial silks (and contemplating a life in the circus, obviously). He'd like to say he's taken up a new hobby during quarantine, but alas he has only deep cleaned his room, made protest signs, and watched too much TV. He is so happy that the show goes on despite it all, and hopes you enjoy tonight's performance!

jackie bio pic.jpg

Jackie Wallis

Charlotte Mcgraw

Jackie Wallis is a rising Junior at DHS, and is ACME’s set apprentice and a member of DHS theater Board. She has been acting for many years, some of her favorite roles being: Allison (The Breakfast Club), Mr. Filby (The Time Machine), and Ottavio (Scapino!). When not involved in theater, she can be found riding her completely unhinged horse, drawing, or attempting to woo her gecko with various strange noises. She hopes you find some joy in watching this show during these tumultuous times!


Ian Bourne

Brett Hoffman

Ian Bourne (he/him) is a rising sophomore at Davis Senior HS. This is his second ACME show, and he had the time of his life in Dear Harvey last week. He’s playing Brett Hoffman in this week’s show, and is also the new Education Program Apprentice! He is thrilled (and a little shocked) to be part of the DHS Jazz Choir this fall, as well as all the other nerdy classes he’s enrolled in. When he isn’t working with all the wonderful people he’s met in ACME, he can be found wandering around Davis with his school friends or cuddling with his perfect little pupper Ollie. He would like to thank the cast and crew for being so welcoming, and he hopes you enjoy this silly show!


Kira Cubbage

Mrs. McGraw

Kira Cubbage (she/her) is a homeschooler about to graduate 12th grade, and is excited to be performing in her 7th (and final :() Acme show. She is excited to be appearing as Mrs. McGraw, and is excited to discover the interesting (and sometimes irritating) challenges and opportunities that Zoom offers to theater. Her previous roles have included: Willi Graf in Acme’s white rose, Various ensemble roles in Acme’s Twelfth Night, The Beaux Stratagem, and The Triangle Factory Fire Project, and the lion in Acmes Twelve Huntsmen. Outside of acting Kira enjoys roleplaying games (and particularly D&D), anime, and various nerdy/geek activities.


Sophia Nachmanoff

Becky Ray Voss

Sophia Nachmanoff (she/her) just graduated from DaVinci Charter Academy, and is very happy/sad to be in her final Acme summer. Ironically, though she has been involved in the company since her freshman year, this is actually her first time acting in the summer shows. However, some of her favorite past other shows were Beaux Strategem (Dorinda), The White Rose (Christoph Probst), and Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz). When she's not acting, you might see her onstage with the DHS Jazz Choir, or off the stage in her work as Acme's Master Costumer. So basically, she never leaves the theatre. She also likes to play a wide variety of instruments (from the ukulele to the mandolin), work with kids, read her favorite genre (archival historical mysteries), sporadically embark on ambitious cooking projects, and spend way too much money on boba. She is very excited to move to Portland in the fall, where she will be doing community service and furthering her Jewish education in the Tivnu: Building Justice Gap Year Program before heading off to Wellesley college where apparently she will cut her hair short and carry a sword? Anyways, she would like to thank her family, Emily, and Harvey Milk and the many other queer activists who have had such profound impacts on her life! Enjoy the show!


Grey Turner

Johnny Whistler

Grey Turner just graduated from Da Vinci High School. This fall he will be attending Southern Oregon University where he will further his pursuit of theatre knowledge. Grey’s love of theatre was sparked right here with Acme Theatre Company. He has played many roles in his 4 years with Acme, his favorites being James Dean (Pronoun), Ryan Martin (The Burials) and Black Stache (Peter and the Starcatcher). Grey has had the time of his life in Acme and wants to express his deepest gratitude for all of the wonderful patrons of our art. Enjoy the show!

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