Below are Acme’s plans for summer 2021.  These plans are evolving.  We will update this page as plans develop.

Summer Show

We have joined Healthy Davis Together and are developing our Covid-19 safety plan. 

Our hope is to produce an in-person, outdoor, distanced, & masked rehearsal / tech work process.  This process would culminate in four in-person, outdoor, distanced, & masked performances  - perhaps for the public, perhaps only for Acme families.  This performance would be recorded and streamed online.

The Covid-19 pandemic is, obviously, an evolving situation.  All of us will need to be prepared to convert to an online Zoom reading at any point.


A more detailed outline of the schedule is available here

June 14 - Aug 2         Acme rehearsals & tech work     (Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 12pm)

July 12 - 23                Evening rehearsals & tech work     (Mon - Fri, 6pm - 10:30pm)

July 23, 24, 30, 31   Evening performances  

Aug 1                           Evening Season Finale banquet & senior graduation

Aug 2                          All-company take-down & clean up process

Acting Opportunities

Usually, during Acme’s summer shows everyone who auditions is offered a role.  Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, we may need to limit the number of actors we cast this summer.  We have not yet selected a script, but we hope to produce a project with acting roles for up to 24 actors, working in small cohorts. Audition dates are TBD.

Tech Work

Tech work will take place on Wednesday mornings and in the evenings of July 12 - 23.  Students interested in working on tech should email our Stage Manager, Mattias Rowenbale at

Safety Precautions

We are developing our in-person Covid safety protocols.  We plan to release those protocols in early June so that families and company members can assess whether or not they are comfortable participating.  We anticipate that our practices may be more cautious than the local and state guidelines.  We currently envision that:


  • Students will work in small cohorts during rehearsals and tech work.

  • During Acme activities, rehearsals and performances, all company members will be masked and maintain 6-ft distance.

  • All company members (actors and technicians) will be required to be tested twice a week through Healthy Davis Together.  We will go together as a group.


We strongly encourage all Acme members, and Acme family members over age 16, to get vaccinated, unless otherwise advised by their doctor.  

K-8 Theatre Classes

In 2021, we do not plan to offer in-person Acme theatre classes for younger youth. We plan to re-launch our in-person youth classes in 2022.


Contact our Artistic Director, Emily Henderson, at