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If you're enjoying the show, Acme would appreciate any donations you are able to give. And don't miss our next show, The Thanksgiving Play! Follow us on social media and sign up for our email list to stay updated.

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Directors Note:

Welcome to Acme’s first Zoom reading of our 41st season!

It’s a tough time to be a theatre company.  But we are adapting, creating community, and telling stories online.

Tonight, we are delighted to share an evening of mystery and adventure!  Whether you are a long-time Sherlock fan, or if this is your maiden voyage, we hope this story brings you a bit of fun in the midst of a stressful time. 

In the midst of a global pandemic and a critical U.S. election, theatre may seem frivolous or irrelevant.  However, my experience is that by imagining and collaborating together on-stage, humans build collective power and flex the organizing muscles they need to envision and create new realities in our world.

Does your demonstration need a sound system?  Call a theatre technician.  Want someone to plan a protest?  Call a stage manager.  Need words to electrify a crowd?  Call a playwright.

The empathy, vision, leadership and organization skills we build for fun in the theatre, are the skills our community needs in the streets, in the voting booth, and in all levels of government.    

And so, in the midst of mind-bending isolation, and in the shadow of rising authoritarianism, Acme is doubling-down on building community, strengthening our relationships, and rehearsing to create a shared future rooted in justice and health for all.   

If you would like to support Acme in this ongoing effort, we invite you to donate above.

Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!

In love and hope,


Emily Henderson

Artistic Director

P.S.  If you are in the U.S., please reach out to your family & friends and make sure they all have a plan to vote on or before this Tuesday, Nov 3.  Visit for info on how to vote in your state.

Meet The Cast & Crew

morgan bio sherlock.jpg

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa (she/her) is a junior at Davis High School and is glad to be joining Acme again for her ninth show with the company! Morgan started acting in the summer of 2017, and so far has been in multiple plays. Her favorite roles she has played are Jules and Mother Baker (Twelve Huntsmen), Mr. Gloss (Beaux Stratagem), Mortimer Mortimer (Failure: A Love Story), Sophie Martin (The Burials), and Miss Scarlet (Clue: On Stage). In this show, she is playing Madge Larrabee, a bloodthirsty criminal who butts heads with her brother James. While she is in quarantine, Morgan likes to play video games, study about law school, make and eat delicious food, and appreciate the color pink to its fullest extent. She would like to thank the cast and crew of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure for sharing this mysterious story with her. She hopes you enjoy the show.


Juna Brothers

Juna Brothers (she/her) is in ninth grade at Holmes Junior High School. You may have seen her in Acme's productions of Dear Harvey, The Boy Who Cried Dragon, The K of D, Metamorphoses, or her school's production of Much Ado About Nothing. She is very excited to be playing The King of Bohemia in Sherlock Holmes, a dramatic, unpredictable, sometimes funny role. Besides acting, she writes and plays the cello. She is the principal cellist for her school orchestra and is in the Premier orchestra of the Sacramento Youth Symphony. In her free time, she likes to write, listen to Taylor Swift, talk with friends, play with her guinea pigs and obsess over Sandra Oh. Once she can pet dogs again, she will pet all of them, especially her friend Mattias's adorable dog Buttercup.

ian sherlock bio.png

Ian Bourne

Ian Bourne (he/him) is a sophomore at DHS. This is his fourth show with Acme after taking part in the summer show extravaganza, but he is still a theatre newbie. He is also Acme’s Education Program Coordinator where he gets to let out his inner (even younger) child. He is absolutely thrilled to be playing Sherlock Holmes in this thrilling mystery. Some of his favorite Sherlock portrayals include Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, the BBC’s Sherlock, and the original stories of course. He is also involved in nerdy extracurriculars like ASL club, MUN, JSA, CSF, and his favorite, Jazz Choir. He would like to thank the cast and crew for being so wonderful and supportive.

sarah sherlock bio.png

Eliot Larson

Eliot Larson (she/they) is so excited to be acting as Proff. Moriarty in their first ACME Theatre production! They have had a lot of theatre experience but never before with such a wonderful group as ACME. They danced in 15 full length ballets with Haneke and Company over the span of about 9 years. They have also acted in 9 Shakespeare productions with their homeschool group in Davis. Sarah has been homeschooled their whole life and owes all of her education and happiness to their mother Deardra!!! Even though the past few years have been hard she has gotten them through it all! In their spare time, Sarah enjoys drawing, painting, song writing, teaching themself guitar, playing softball and playing piano odd hours of the morning much to their sister and mother’s chagrin. They also have been training their tuxedo kitten Putah to be ESA certified.

xiomara bio image.png

Xiomara Dre Velasquez

Xiomara Dre Velasquez (She/Her) is a junior at Caloocan High School, Philippines and feels so privileged and honored to be playing the iconic Irene Adler in her first ever ACME theatre show. She has been in a few plays in her school theatre and has played roles like the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz), Jo March (Little Women) and one of her personal favorites Victoria Page (The Red Shoes). When not acting she usually can be seen in her natural habitat (the skate park) with her skateboard, she is also a big avatar geek and has an existential dependence on caffeine. She wishes everyone a healthy day and mabuhay from the Philippines.

wren sherlock bio.png

Wrenjamin Arellano Calderon

Wrenjamin Arellano Calderon (Still the King of the Birds) is a junior at Davis High School excited to be in their sixth acme show! Wow so many shows, they must have no life! Wren plays Watson, Holmes's best friend and practically his right hand man. Wren has been on the stage for about 5 years. Some of her memorable roles include her first acme show The Twelve Huntsmen (Magic Goat), Daughter of The Storms (Gwendolyn Moon), and Peter and the Starcatcher's very own right hand man of Black Stache, Smee! When Wren is not acting, she is found either hanging out with friends or simply trying to rule the world with her bird army. Some day, she shall become emperor of the birds. Wren hopes you enjoy the show!


Mattias RowenBale

Mattias RowenBale (he/him) is absolutely delighted to be Stage Managing this show! Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure is his first show as Acme’s Master Stage Manager, and he couldn’t have asked for a better one. Mattias is technically a sophomore at DHS, but who’s even keeping track of those things any more? When not in various Zoom meetings for school and Acme, you can find him in even more Zoom meetings. He has probably joined a few more clubs than he should have, but always looks forward to Sherlock rehearsals at the end of the day. Mattias has truly had so much fun with this show. He hopes you enjoy tonight’s performance, and wishes you a very happy halloween!


Jamie Aldas

Jamie Aldas is a current junior at Da Vinci Charter Academy and they are thrilled to be joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes! Other roles in previous Acme shows include the pirate Smee in Peter and the Starcatcher and the dragon's right wing this past summer in The Boy Who Cried Dragon.  When Jamie isn't sitting in front of a computer, they can be found playing guitar or piano, doodling, or listening to music. Some musicals they've enjoyed listening to lately include: Hadestown and Octet. Jamie would like to thank the crew and cast for being so kind and helpful in bringing them into the show on short notice! Enjoy the show!

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