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  • This performance takes place outdoors in a public park.

  • We are creating a fenced off space for the show and limiting our audience to 90 ticketed guests each of whom is invited by an Acme member.  Members of the public may pass by on the paths through our performance space, but they will not be allowed inside the cordoned-off audience areas without a ticket.

  • There are six seating sections (pictured below). Please coordinate with your friends and purchase tickets in the same section if you want to sit together. 

  • If you are a student or a senior, please use discount codes STUDENT or SENIOR to receive a $2 discount.

COLOR map.jpg
  • Vaccination & Testing

    • On arrival, all audience members must show proof of either Covid-19 vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test from within the last 72-hours.  We will accept: the original vaccination card, copy of the card, photo of the card on your phone, CA online database, or an online/printed negative test result.  

    • Please don't forget proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 test!  We can offer you a refund or a ticket to a future performance, but cannot allow you into the audience.

    • We will send reminders to bring your testing/vaccination confirmation in the run-up to the performance: several via email and one text reminder an hour before the show! 

    • If you end up forgetting and being asked to leave, please be gracious to our volunteer Front of House staff. 


  • Masks

    • All audience members are required to wear masks throughout the performance.  We understand that this requirement exceeds local & state regulations for outdoor events.  However, for the comfort of our company members, we are requiring all audience members wear masks.

    • Actors may remove their masks while on stage.   



    • Your proof of vaccination or negative Covid test within the last 72 hours

    • Your mask


    • Chairs and/or blankets for grassy sitting

    • A water bottle (We will provide carafes of cold water)

    • Warm layers (It cools off- Act 2 is much funnier if you are cozy!)


  • The park will open for seating starting at 7:15 PM and the show will start at 8PM.  Seating is not allowed before 7:15 PM.

  • Visit the check-in tables to show your proof of vaccination or negative test.  When you are cleared, you will receive a wristband that we ask that you wear for the duration of the performance

  • An usher will help you find your section of the audience.  There will be up to 14 other folks with you sharing each grass seating area.   

  • As others arrive, please work together to make sure everyone has space and can see the stage!

  • During our 15-minute intermission you are welcome to stretch, walk up the hill to the bathroom, and say hello to others.  Please continue to give other people space.

Thank you for reading!

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