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Acme Theatre Company used the resources below to begin educating ourselves as we rehearsed a Zoom reading of Larissa FastHorses’s The Thanksgiving Play.  We have also added resources that were mentioned in our post-show panel.


We invite you to use this (very introductory) list to educate yourself, share these resources with your friends and family, and get connected with local and state-wide advocacy efforts to integrate Ethnic Studies in our K-12 & college curriculums.


We would like to acknowledge and thank the writers, film-makers, and educators who were willing and able to create and share these resources with the world.  In particular, we are grateful to


  • Dr. Melissa Moreno (Chair of Ethnic Studies Department, Woodland Community College) for sharing many of these resources in her annual Introduction ot Native American Studies class and for her support during our rehearsal process.  

  • Steve Nyholm for sharing his resources on the history of the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Our post-show panelists Ashley Matlock, Jenn Robin, Prof. Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Dr. Melissa Moreno

Land Acknowledgement


Wintun Homeland 


California Indian History & Ongoing Struggles

Myths & Misrepresentations


Native Youth

  • Fighting Racism in Schools Four Native youth - Dahkota Brown, Chiitaanibah Johnson, Jayden Lim & Naelyn Pike share their personal stories and advice about how to abolish racism in school. 

  • Guardians of the Waters: A video created by, and about, indigenous young women as they explore their relationship with water.

  • Seeds of Our Ancestors This video grew out of the poetic explorations of native urban youth as they struggle to overcome trauma caused by colonized/industrial foods and awaken to the healing and nourishment of native foodways from their own traditions and those of others. 

  • Braiding the Sacred What is indigenous food sovereignty?  What happens when food is treated as sacred?  


History of the Thanksgiving Holiday


About Larissa FastHorse, Playwright of The Thanksgiving Play

Native Artists

Decolonizing Our Education System


Music (Shared in the Webinar)

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