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Memorial Day Weekend

7pm, Friday, May 26

7pm, Saturday, May 27

7pm, Sunday, May 28

7pm, Monday, May 29

The Lady Demands Satisfaction
by Arthur M. Jolly

This Memorial Day Weekend, join us on the Davis Community Church lawn for a FREE sword-slinging, family-friendly,  queer-down-to-our-toes, feminist, farce!


Trothe Pepperston is a young maiden who has never touched a sword.  But the sudden death of her uncle plunges her head-long into an epic battle to defend her inheritance.  Along the way, she struggles with a milksop suitor, a servant girl posing as a Prussian fencing master, the actual Prussian fencing master who believes he is there to marry her, a stodgy lord, and her sword-master aunt.  


Davis Community Church Lawn

Corner of 5th & C Street, Davis


Audience members are asked to bring their own lawn-chairs or blankets. 

Warm layers are strongly encouraged - Act 2 is more fun if you are cozy! 


This production is supported in part by

The California Arts Council, a state agency.  Learn more at 

And by a grant from the Yolo Community Foundation. 

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