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Welcome to Acme's Play Reading Half-Marathon!

Here’s the first thing you should know:  This is a reading, not a performance.

There has been no rehearsal. Many of these readers are meeting each other for the first time.  Depending on the script, each actor will likely be reading MANY characters.  And, in general, we are embracing the random assignment of roles and that our characters' gender, ethnicity, and other identities will often not align with our own.

This marathon is a community-building event where small groups of 3-4 folks come together online to read a script and, in doing so, experience new stories and make new friends.  This event is primarily intended for the readers, but our livestreams allow YOU (as theatre a fan!) to get a peak into their reading experience. 

We invite you to scroll through this event.  You can listen for a minute here and there or linger to hear how it ends!

If you’d like to support Acme’s work keeping youth connected and creative during this isolating time, we invite you to donate using the button below! 

And, as we raise our voices to share these stories, we want to remind y’all to please raise your voice and vote in the upcoming election.  Visit to find out info about voting in your state.   


~ Emily Henderson, Artistic Director

Shakespeare Room

Drama Room

Swashbuckling Adventure Room

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