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Welcome to Acme's Play Reading Half-Marathon!

This is not a performance.

This marathon is a community-building event where small groups of 3-4 strangers read a script together and, in doing so, experience new stories and make new friends. This event is primarily intended for the readers, but our livestreams allow YOU as theatre supporter to get a peek into their reading experience.

There has been no casting process and no rehearsal. Many of these readers are meeting each other for the first time. One actor will likely be reading MANY characters.

In a non-COVID world, we would invite you to wander through the theatre and hear these small groups reading in different spaces- in the lighting booth, the green room, the lobby, and onstage.

Instead, today we invite you to scroll through this event! You can listen for a minute here and there or perhaps linger to hear how it ends!

-Emily Henderson, Artistic Director

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