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The Importance of Being Earnest
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Alex Hedrick

Jack Worthing

Alex Hedrick (he/him) is a sophomore at Davis Senior High School, and is so excited to be playing Jack Worthing in this production! He is a bit of a newbie at Acme, but has acted in past script readings and Acme’s Big Day of Giving. Outside of Acme, he has performed in many plays and musicals, such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ranked: the Musical, and Clue Onstage. He’s especially proud of that last one, in which he played the pretentious, pompous, and preposterously purple Professor Plum. In the rare event he isn’t doing anything theatre-related, he enjoys puzzles, origami, bad puns, working out, and the occasional guilty pleasure of not working out. Although he may not know JACK about how to make a costume fit over a headset, he EARNESTly hopes this play is WORTHing your time! Enjoy the show!

frances bio pic.JPG

Frances Spann

Lady Bracknell

Frances (He/They) is a Freshman at Harper Jr. High. He joined ACME in the summer of 2019 and has been helping out around the company ever since. This past February, they were elected into ACE as ACME’s Front of House apprentice and are super eager to train under their amazing mentor, Gray Blair. Some past production’s that he’s been in consists of High School Musical (Stage management), The Tavern Under Anfeliadd (Classified), and Peter and the Starcatcher (Captain Scott). Since being in quarantine, they’ve picked up some new skills and have found some fun new things to do. Some of which consist of skateboarding, digital painting, and building stuff. He’s super excited to be playing the dramatic Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest and hopes to continue doing shows with ACME.


Sophia Nachmanoff

Cecily Cardew

Sophia Nachmanoff (she/her) is a senior at DaVinci Charter Academy who grew up going to Acme Spring Comedies in the Park, and is delighted to be in her final spring show (even if it can't be in the park this year). Some of her favorite past shows were Beaux Strategem (Dorinda), The White Rose (Christoph Probst), and Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz). When she's not acting, you might see her onstage with the DHS Jazz Choir, or off the stage in her work as Acme's Master Costumer. So basically, she never leaves the theatre. She also likes to play a wide variety of instruments (from the ukulele to the mandolin), work with kids, read her favorite genre (archival historical mysteries), sporadically embark on ambitious cooking projects, and spend way too much money on boba. She is very excited to do something (who knows what???) in the fall, before heading off to Wellesley college where apparently she will cut her hair short and carry a sword? Anyways, she would like to thank her family of course, and Emily and all the Acme humans who decided to keep the spring show legacy going! Enjoy the show!!

morgan bio pic.jpeg

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa

Miss Gwendolyn Fairfax

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa (she/her) is a sophomore at Davis High School and is glad to be joining Acme again for her seventh show with the company! Morgan started acting in the summer of 2017, and so far has been in multiple plays. Her favorite roles she has played are Jules and Mother Baker (Twelve Huntsmen), Mr. Gloss (Beaux Stratagem), Mortimer Mortimer (Failure: A Love Story), Sophie Martin (The Burials), and Miss Scarlet (Clue: On Stage). In this show, she will be playing the honorable Miss Gwendolyn Fairfax, a woman who just wants an earnest man. While she is in shelter in place, Morgan likes to knit, play video games, make polymer clay art, make and eat delicious food, and appreciate the color pink to its fullest extent. She would like to thank the cast and crew of The Importance of Being Earnest for telling a trivial story for serious people with her. She hopes you enjoy the show! 

mayz bio pic.jpeg

Mayz Rowenbale

Dr. Chatsuble

Mayz RowenBale (He/Him) is in 9th grade at Holmes Jr. High (but really WebEx). This is his second Acme show as an actor and also his second Acme show with stage management. He is Acme’s Stage Manager apprentice, and has most recently played Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing. In between his frantic costume changes as two butlers (2!) and Dr. Chasuble, he is also stage managing this show (despite the lack of a physical stage). When he is not acting, Mayz can be found juggling, unicycling, or performing on aerial silks (and contemplating running away to join the circus, obviously). He is so happy that the show goes on despite it all, and hopes The Importance Of Being Earnest can bring a bit of comedy into your life :)

sam bio pic.jpeg

Sam Cubbage


Sam (they/them) is currently a senior homeschooled by their wonderful mother. You will recently have seen them in Pronoun playing Ben or in The Beaux Strategem as the wonderful Cherry. Sam started their theater journey at the age of 9 performing in musicals. Three years ago Sam joined acme as their master stage manager and has loved every moment since! They hope you enjoy this wonderfully fun and wacky show! Let the curtain drop!

jackie bio pic.jpg

Jackie Wallis

Miss Prism

Jackie Wallis (she/her) is absolutely razzled (a real word) to be part of this show! She is the set apprentice at acme and a part of DHS drama. She also doesn't know what to put in her bio. She hopes everyone enjoys this show that came together wonderfully during these turbulent times! Stay safe!

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