Welcome to Acme Theatre Company's 24-hour, online, play-reading marathon! 

We're reading 40 plays from Acme's 40 seasons!


You can cheer on the reading rooms below

by posting in each room's comments, or by donating at


Room A: 

  1. Bare Stage/Blue Jeans

  2. Compleat Works of William Shakespeare

  3. As You Like It

  4. An Italian Straw Hat

  5. Ring Round the Moon

  6. Comedy of Errors

  7. The Admirable Crichton

  8. FUTURE: Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Room B: 

  1. The Beaux’ Stratagem

  2. Pronoun

  3. The Twelve Huntsmen

  4. Argonautika

  5. The K of D

  6. The Madwoman of Chaillot

  7. Cyrano

  8. Metamorphoses

  9. Caucasion Chalk Circle

  10. A Midsummer Night’s Cream

  11. FUTURE: Mother Road

  12. FUTURE: The Metromaniacs

Room C: 

  1. Twelfth Night

  2. Once In A Lifetime

  3. The Water Children

  4. On the Razzle

  5. Inherit the Wind

  6. FUTURE: By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

  7. FUTURE: House of Joy

Room D: 

  1. Radium Girls

  2. The Servant of Two Masters

  3. Antigone

  4. Whose Life is it Anyway?

  5. BDOG Donor Karlee Finch reads The Laramie Project with us!

  6. BDOG Donor Anna D'Ambrosio watches us read The Women of Lockerbie!

  7. BDOG Donor Lynn Hendrix-Chupa watches us read The Three Musketeers

Room E: 

  1. You Buy, YOU Read It

  2. You Buy, YOU Read It

  3. The Carnival of Follies

  4. Ondine

  5. You Buy, YOU Read It

  6. You Buy, YOU Read It

  7. You Buy, You Read It

Room F: 

  1. The Fulmer Fam reads Peter & the Starcatcher!

  2. BDOG Donor James Henderson & friends read Our Town!

  3. The Crucible

  4. A Shayna Maidel

  5. You Buy, YOU Read It! 

  6. You Buy, YOU Read It!

  7. You Buy, You Read It!

Room G:

  1. You Buy, WE Read It!

  2. BDOG Donor Julia Menard-Warwick reads Our Town with us! 

Room A

Room C

Room B

Room D

Room E

Room F

Room G