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Content warning: As You Are contains themes of drug use, addiction, alcohol, smoking, cancer, and mentions of death.

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About the Director

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Ed Gonzalez Moreno is a first generation Afro Latinx Actor (Film and Theatre), Director, Playwright, and Teaching Artist Based in New York. You can currently catch him on Netflix as Hector in "Freshman Year" and on the latest season of "To Tell The Truth" on ABC. Theatre Companies Ed has worked with include: Cal Shakes, Berkeley Rep, Sf Shakespeare Festival, NCTC, Marin Shakes, The CuttingBall Theatre, and Custom Made Theatre. His latest play "The Puerto Rican Society Club" was recently presented as part of Utopia Theatre Companies Live Reading Series. 

Find Ed online at

About the playwright


Rachel Lynett (she/they) is a playwright, producer, and teaching artist. Her plays have been featured at Magic Theatre, Mirrorbox Theatre, Laboratory Theatre of Florida, Barrington Stage Company, Theatre Lab, Theatre Prometheus, Florida Studio Theatre, Laughing Pig Theatre Company, Capital Repertory Theatre, Teatro Espejo, the Kennedy Center Page to Stage festival, Theatresquared, Equity Library Theatre, Chicago, Talk Back Theatre, American Stage Theatre Company, and Orlando Shakespeare Theatre. Recently, Last Night and HE DID IT made the 2020 Kilroy’s List.  Rachel Lynett is also a Visiting Assistant Professor at Alfred University, the Artistic Director of Rachel Lynett Theatre Company, and the Executive Director for Page by Page.

Find Rachel online at

Meet The Cast & Crew

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Mattias Rowenbale

Mattias RowenBale (he/him) is a sophomore at Davis Senior High. In fact, he’s quite relieved to be approaching the end of his sophomore year. It has been quite the year. But back to the matter at hand! Mattias is Acme’s Stage Manager, and he also plays Duke in this lovely production. This show marks the beginning of his 3rd season as a part of Acme, and wow, it’s been a wonderful time so far. He is very much looking forward to tonight’s show and the entire upcoming season! When not in a rehearsal or production meeting, Mattias can be found doing quite the variety of assorted activities. He has recently defeated the beast that is Acme costume storage, and with that under his belt he is moving on to even more exciting endeavors! He is in the process of crocheting himself a rug, and recently decided to learn Yiddish for no particular reason. And now without further ado, he hopes you enjoy the show!

arianna headshot.png

Arianna Ramirez

Arianna Ramirez (she/they) is a sophomore at DaVinci High School and is beyond excited to be in their first Acme show!! Arianna has never acted before but has always wanted to. She thought that this show would be a perfect opportunity to connect themselves to the theater community. She will be playing the role of Celia. Outside of acme, Arianna plays the violin and sings in two Mariachi groups; Mariachi Puente and Mariachi del Valle. She also dances Ballet Folklorico at a dance studio in woodland and she writes songs in their free time that she later put up on youtube. She would like to thank the amazing cast and crew for the amazing experience they have created and all their hard work that make this show possible. Enjoy the show! 

xiomara headshot.png

Xiomara Dre Velasquez

Xiomara Dre Velasquez (She/Her) is a 9th-grade student from across the pacific ocean in the Philippines and somehow found her way into this company all the way to Davis. She is blessed to be part of her third show in Acme (The Thanksgiving play as Alicia and Selena in The Shahrazad Society) and hopefully be a part of more shows in the future. She likes to skateboard, read, tinker old stuff, tearing down on the track, and third-wheeling with her two friends. She hopes that you have a great time watching this production and wishes all of you mabuhay at padayon from the pearl of the orient seas. 

morgan headshot.jpeg

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa

Morgan Hendrix-Chupa (they/she) is a junior at Davis High School and is glad to be joining Acme again! Morgan started acting in the summer of 2017, and so far has been in lots of plays. Their favorite roles they have played are Jules and Mother Baker (Twelve Huntsmen), Mr. Gloss (Beaux Stratagem), Mortimer Mortimer (Failure: A Love Story), Sophie Martin (The Burials), and Miss Scarlet (Clue: On Stage). In this show, they are playing Orlando, an attractive musician who is learning to woo his upstairs neighbor. In her spare time, Morgan likes to make art, try out new recipes, and appreciate the color pink to its fullest extent. 

juna headshot.png

Juna Brothers

Juna Brothers (she/her) is a freshman at Holmes Junior High School. You may have seen her in some of Acme's virtual shows or in her school's production of Much Ado About Nothing. She is very excited to play Jacques in As You Are. Whenever she has free time, she likes to listen to Taylor Swift, watch Glee, talk to her friends, and write. She would like to thank everyone involved in the play for their contributions and hopes everyone enjoys the show.

analia szd.png

Analia Eisen

Analia Eisen (she/her) is a sophomore at DHS. This is only her third show with Acme, but she’s been in various other plays before. She is excited to play the role of Audrey in As You Are. During quarantine, she spends her time drawing, listening to music, and attempting to learn new skills such as roller skating and gardening. She would like to thank her fellow Acme members and cast mates for helping with the production of the show.


Uma Armién

Uma Armién is a ninth grader at Holmes Junior High and this is their first show at Acme, so they are super excited to become part of the community. Uma has loved theater and music since they were very little and grew up listening to the soundtracks of In the Heights and Les Miserables. In this production of 'As You Are', Uma will be playing the role of Phoebe. They love to bake, play piano, and sing, and are currently learning to skate. They can't wait to become part of Acme and make new friends and connections!

jamie headshot.png

Jamie Aldas

Jamie Aldas is a current junior at Da Vinci Charter Academy and is very excited to be a part of Acme's production of As You Are!  This is their first show as Acme's sound apprentice and they are thrilled! They will also be playing the role of Silvy in this show. Jamie has been in such previous Acme shows as Peter and the Starcatcher, The Burials, and The Beaux Stratagem. Lately, Jamie has been spending their days playing guitar, working on projects for Da Vinci's Computer Science Honor Society, doodling, and watching cartoons. Jamie is very honored to have gotten to work with the cast and crew of this show. Enjoy the show!

tesla headshot.png

Tesla Boire

Tesla Boire (she/her) is a freshman at Holmes Junior High, and this is her first time participating in an Acme show! She is currently the lights apprentice and is super excited to help light design for As You Are. She has had a fun time learning how to navigate online theater and is looking forward to helping out in more shows to come!! When Tesla is not doing something theater-related, she can be found attempting to crochet something (anything!), watching Ranked, and rereading her favorite books. She hopes you are able to find comfort in this incredibly fitting show, she sure has! Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Jackie Wallis

Jackie Wallis (she/her) is a Junior at DHS and has been a part of acme for a little over a year. She is the current set master and occasionally steps in to act. Some of her favorite roles over the years have been Allison (The Breakfast Club), Filby (The Time Machine), and Ottavio (Scapino!). She occasionally enjoys drawing pictures or maybe going on a hike. Please stay safe and enjoy the show!

Maya Bailey

Maya Bailey (she/her) is a senior at Davis High School and is in her final year of Acme Theatre Company. Maya is Acme's Master Electrician. Maya designed the lighting for As You Are alongside her wonderful apprentice, Tesla Boire. Maya loves all aspects of theatre and does tech work and acting with Acme and Davis High Theatre. In fact, Maya is headed off to college in the fall to study technical theatre! Outside of theatre, Maya loves to spend time with her friends, make jewelry, play with her cat, and she loves her job at Davis Ace Hardware. Maya is so grateful for her time in Acme Theatre Company and she hopes you enjoy As You Are!

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