The Role of Acme’s Council of Executives

Running a company is hard work, and these are the folks who do it. ACE members are elected annually to their positions by the general company. After being elected, a new ACE member serves a 9-month apprenticeship, during which they are trained by the current “master.”

Can I join ACE?

Yes! Any and all current company members are encouraged to consider joining ACE. Talk to current ACE members about their position and responsibilities and find out if it sounds fun for you.

Meet ACE

Below is the current council roster.

Eden Tomich
John Conant
Jake Kelly
Tina Simpson
Brian Stewart
Alice Moylan
Arina Ushakova
Callie Miller
Megan Kraft
Wil "Slim" Forkin
Aaron Hirst
Nick Mead
Will Kingscott

Stage Manager

Sound Designer

Publicity Director

Front-of-House Manager

Master Carpenter

Costume Designer

Master Electrician

Properties Master

Education Program Coordinator




The Role of Acme’s Artistic Director

Acme’s Artistic Director is the central adult mentor for the company. The Artistic Director works with ACE, the Production Team, individual company members, and ICE to ensure that the company runs smoothly. The Artistic Director is responsible for selecting the plays for each season, directing a minimum of one production each season, and recruiting production directors and other adult mentors.

Acme’s Current Artistic Director

Acme Theatre Company’s current Artistic Director, Emily Henderson, is an Acme alum who joined the company as a sophomore and served as a member of Acme’s Council of Executives in the role of Master Costumer for two years.

After graduating from Acme in 2001, Emily attended Wellesley College where she received a BA in Theatre Studies. Following college, Emily completed a one-year Professional Training Arts Program at the Seattle Repertory Theatre where she interned in the Education Department.

In 2008, Emily Henderson stepped into the role of Artistic Director. In this capacity, she has worked with the Invisible Council of Elders to ensure that the legacy of Acme’s commitment to youth leadership, dramatic excellence, and “serious theatre for the fun of it” continues.

For the 2013-2014 season Acme Theatre Company also has a Company and Production Manager, Betsy Raymond, who will be performing many of the functions of the Artistic Director while Emily Henderson is on leave.

Betsy is an alum who joined the company her freshman year of high school and served as Production Manager on Acme's Council of Executives for one-and-a-half years. After her graduation in 2005, Betsy attended Wellesley College where she became a member of the Shakespeare Society and maintained heavy theatrical involvement throughout her college tenure.

In August 2012, Betsy stepped into the role of Alumni Liaison on the Invisible Council of Elders, which has resulted in the highest level of communication and involvement with Acme's alumni in the company's history. In September 2013, Betsy became the official Company and Production Manager. In this role, she is committed to working with Acme's Council of Executives and the Invisible Council of Elders to uphold Acme's principals of youth leadership and high-quality theatre.


The Role of ICE

The Invisible Council of Elders (ICE) is a group of Acme alumni, parents, and current company members who serve as the non-profit board of directors, set policy, and assume legal and financial responsibility for Acme Theatre Company.

ICE is responsible for most of the company’s fund development and mentors the company in the area of business management. ICE is committed to sustaining Acme’s unique structure of youth leadership and remaining “invisible” in all areas of theatre production.

Meet ICE

Below is the current council roster.

Dave Stoebel

Dave Stoebel

Jeff Pelz

Matthew Wehner

Aaron Hirst

Kate Raymond

Betsy Raymond

Susan Miller

Chris Granger

Bill Julien

Board President
Incoming Board President
Recording Secretary, ACE Member-at-Large

Company and Production Manager
Parent Liaison
Fund Team Captain

Acme ‘03
Parent Liaison