Statement of Principles

In December, 2004, the Acme Executive Board adopted the following list of nine essential principles expected to be followed by all members of the company during all company functions:

1. I will fulfill my role, acting and/or technical, to the best of my abilities.

2. After turning in my conflict sheet and receiving my rehearsal schedule, I will make all scheduled rehearsals my first priority and refrain from committing to further conflicting activities.

3. I understand that it is my responsibility to arrive at all rehearsals and performances at call and to remain in the rehearsal or performance space until excused by the director or stage manager.

4. I will not alter any aspect of my performance, nor rephrase any of the playwright's work, without specific instructions from the director.

5. I will observe backstage courtesy and respect others, understanding that counterproductive outbursts and placing blame on others are not in the best interest of the production.

6. I will use production materials and equipment with care and respect and only with the approval of the appropriate crew chief, knowing that they are tools of my craft and vital elements of the production.

7. I will conduct myself in strict compliance with the rules of the theatrical venue in which I work.

8. I understand that drugs and alcohol will affect my ability to fulfill my obligations to the company and may place myself and others at risk, and will therefore refrain from partaking of them before or during any company event.

9. I will remember that I do this because I love it and shall direct my efforts in such a manner that when I leave the theatre, it will stand as a greater institution for my having labored there.