Parent FAQs

How can I sign my child up for Acme?
Students join the company in two ways – by auditioning for an acting role or by working on a production. There is currently no formal registration or sign up process. If you come and help out, you’re in!

Who can join?
The company is open to any student after they have graduated from 8th grade through the summer after 12th grade.

What is your next show?
We do three shows each year, click here to find out what’s next!

Do you offer classes for younger students?
We offer classes for K-8 students each summer through the City of Davis. Click here to learn more.

We’re having a family emergency, what should I do?
It is helpful to notify the director about the emerging situation and how it may affect the company member’s emotional well-being and company participation. This allows us to support the company member as we are able, and, if necessary, work as a group to resolve any complications regarding the upcoming production.

Does it cost money to join Acme?
There is no cost to participate in the productions. Some company events - such as the end-of-the-season celebration and the annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival - do have costs associated with them. Occasionally, we ask company members to purchase particular garments (character shoes, leotards, etc). In every case, financial assistance is available.

How is Acme funded?
Acme is funded through donations, grants, ticket sales, and our annual summer program of drama classes for elementary and middle school students.

What is the Acme message board?
The Acme online forums are the best way to stay current on what’s happening with the company. Parents should remember that while they can join the forums, the postings are primarily by and for the company members.

How can I order tickets?
To order tickets, please email the house manager with ticket requests. Please be sure to note the date and number/type of ticket:

If, at any time, you have immediate concerns or questions, please contact:
Susan Miller, Parent Liaison,
Betsy Raymond, Artistic Director
Dave Stoebel, Board President