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The Rememberer

By Steven Dietz, based on the memoirs of Joyce Simmons Cheeka
Directed by Emily Henderson
"I am from the Squaxin tribe, in the southern reaches of Puget Sound...My family has lived and worked here for seven hundred and fifty years. There is a lot to remember."

7pm, Thursday, July 31

7pm, Friday, Aug 1

7pm, Saturday, Aug 2

4pm, Sunday, Aug 3

7pm, Thursday, Aug 7

7pm, Friday, Aug 8

7pm, Saturday, Aug 9

4pm, Sunday, Aug 10

The Rememberer tells the true story of a young Squaxin girl from the Southern Pugit Sound Area, who is forcibly taken from her home and placed in a government-run school in 1911. As the chosen "rememberer" for her tribe it is her duty to pass on the stories, history and wisdom of her people. However, the aims of the white boarding school are quite different. This is the story of one woman’s journey through two worlds and the way she learns to weave them together.


Students: $8 ($9.27 w/service fee) / $10 at the door

Seniors: $10 ($11.34 w/service fee) / $12 at the door

General Admission $12 ($13.41 w/service fee) / $14 at the door

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